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Who Are You Dancing For?

And David danced before the LORD with all his might . . .

There seem to be so many people to whom we are accountable. Folks who are looking to us for answers, for responses, for support, for direction. Folks who take their cues from us. Children, parents, spouses, partners, friends, employers, employees, creditors, landlords, tenants, etc., etc., etc.

It can get a little overwhelming, and if we’re not careful, we soon begin to feel that we’re living our lives just to fulfill all these demands and expectations, just to please all the important people in our lives. And our lives can start to resemble a highly choreographed performance, complete with juggling too many balls, dancing on too many sets, and balancing on way too high a wire.

But I want to remind you of one simple, but important thing. There is only one audience that matters. And there is only one person in that audience: God our Father, the Lover of our Souls. In the end, His review is the only one that counts. And the best part is: God is not some dispassionate observer, watching us with critical eyes, waiting for us to stumble or mess up our lines or screw up our scene. No, God wants to give us a good review, so He sits as the Audience of One, clapping loudly and cheering us on.

So give God your best performance. Hold nothing back. Shine vibrantly. Laugh deeply. Share bravely. Sing joyfully. Speak lovingly. Forgive fiercely. Give generously. Love hard. Dance, like David, with all your might. Your biggest fan, the Audience of One, is watching.