Leah Daughtry

2020 Presidential


My 2020 Non-Starters

I don’t have a candidate yet; waiting for the field to settle AND I need to do some homework on their positions.

That said, here are some non-starters:
1. non Democrats. You wanna lead the Party, you gotta be a member of the Party. Period. The End.
2. candidates who’ve ever uttered a sentence that includes the phrase or sentiment: Hillary Clinton lost because she didn’t talk to white working class voters.
3. candidates who announce a non-representative senior staff. I mean representative of the people whose votes make up the Democratic party. After all, personnel is policy. PS: diversity means more than white women.
4. candidates with no evidence of a race / sex analysis in their background
5. candidates with bad, unrepentant race /sex analysis in their background
6. candidates who release “what’s on my spotify” lists that include any music by RKelly.

I’ll be skipping right on past these folks.