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Got A Minute?

Be still, and know that I am God.

Remember when weekends actually meant time off? Well, those days are long gone! Whatever did we do before cell phones, email, fax machines, FedEx?

With technology, we are and are expected to be “on” all the time. And our lives have become busier, faster, and fuller, just trying to keep up. We’re constantly moving … texting, emailing, twittering, facebooking, myspace-ing – all in an effort to keep our connections and stay on top of our game.

Funny how all this connecting doesn’t make for real connections. It’s kinda hard to have a meaningful conversation via email. Even harder to have a meaningful relationship. Rich and lasting relationships require time and attention. Require us to stop and have a real conversation – not one that stops and starts when we’re ready. Require us to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully.

What’s true with people is even truer with God. If we’re really interested in more than a superficial, drive-by relationship with our Creator, we gotta take the time. Email, twitter, and facebook just won’t work here. Instead, He tells us exactly what to do: “Be still and know that I am God.”

It’s a command and a promise. “Be still.” Just stop. Take a breath. Ignore the gadgets. Take a minute, or two, or ten. Get focused. And in exchange for taking a break from your busyness, in exchange for your stillness, you can “know that I am God.” Meaning, you can experience God in the fullness of His glory… you can grow a real relationship with Him … you can see Him as He really is and He can see your heart too … you can revel in the deep peace and joy that comes from knowing that you — just as you are — are truly known, truly seen, and truly loved by the One who knew and loved you before anyone else did.

Not a bad trade, I’d say … a few minutes without the toys and gadgets;  a few minutes of quiet and focus … and in return, I’m rewarded and blessed with God Himself.  I might just get the answer I’ve been looking for … I might just find the rest my soul’s been seeking … I might just find the peace that’s been so elusive.  The possibilities are endless, all from following God’s simple instruction: Be Still and Know That I Am God.