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ldd at teaneck editedIt is my happy privilege to serve as pastor of The House of the Lord Church in Washington, DC.   Our church was born out of a Bible study that some friends asked me to start back in 2000.  After studying together for a while, the Bible study crew decided that they wanted to form a church, and that’s how we came into being.

Our congregation is part of The House of the Lord & Church on the Mount, Inc., a Pentecostal denomination founded in Augusta, Georgia in 1929, and now headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

In our small and growing congregation, we love The Lord and we love each other.  We endeavor to grow together in grace and in fellowship, learning more about our God so that we can love and serve Him, our communities, ourselves, and each other better.   We worship hard and praise fervently.  We’re down-to-earth and we keep it real;  no topic is off limits.  We love to laugh and have fun, and we do that a lot!  Come by any Sunday – we’d love to see you!

leah preaching IMG_1842  studying togetherWorking at the Food BankPhoto by Mona T. BrooksHoly Convocation 2011 Camera 1 313 Photo by Mona T. BrooksPhoto by Mona T. Brooks

The mission of The House of the Lord Church is to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic synthesis of progressive spiritual and social action, including:

To implement this holistic approach, our ministries are:

PRIESTLY: Interceding with God through prayer, fasting, rituals and ceremonies.

PASTORAL: Providing healing, counseling, and direction.

PROPHETIC: Critiquing society from a Biblical perspective which places God on the side of the oppressed, exploited, outcast and impoverished.

PEDAGOGIC: Teaching not only the great Truth of Scripture, but also secular history, particularly the truths related to oppressed people’s contribution to humankind.

PROGRAMMATIC: Developing educational, cultural, and economic programs and institutions.

POLITICAL: Creating and/or participating in the creation of organizations and/or coalitions which employ various actions to achieve human fulfillment

To learn about our national church organization, visit us at www.HOLC.org


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