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Seeking court that looks ‘like America,’ Biden picks Ketanji Brown JacksonAnd the pick resonated in the Black community off the Hill as well. The Rev. Leah Daughtry, who once led the Democratic National Committee, said she was “overwhelmed” that her 5-year-old niece might be able to see someone who looks like her dispensing justice on the highest court in the land. “I didn't grow up seeing that,” Daughtry said in an interview, her voice cracking with emotion. “Her dreams will automatically include the prospect of a justice because she's seen it. It's the norm for her. It's not any kind of joyous moment for her, because she'll grow up and think, ‘Oh, isn't it always like this?’ And that's wonderful.”

Senate said no to voting rights. Here’s how civil rights activists are reigniting the fight

Senate begins debate on voting rights legislation

Black Voters Matter Slams Biden’s Voting Rights Speech as ‘Prop’: ‘What We Need is Work’Rev. Leah Daughtry, the campaign manager of Fighting for Our Vote, told Newsweek that she understands the activists' disappointment. "We're all frustrated with the fact that 50 senators are not even willing to have a debate on the issue," Daughtry said. "We all share the frustrations of wanting to see progress. You know, from my vantage point, the president is doing what he can do which is use the bully pulpit. He does not have a vote in the Senate, so he has the power of persuasion, the power of leaning on his colleagues—both he and the vice president—and that is what they have been doing. Whether it's in the public or not, that is what they've been doing is pushing the levers that they can push and today is just the next level of that." Daughtry will be attending Biden's speech in Atlanta and said she expects "a very forceful argument for why the Senate needs to change its rules in order to allow voting rights to be considered separate and apart from the filibuster."

Biden is expected to back changing the filibuster to pass voting rights bills"I think all of us want to see the White House do as much as they can. Pull every stop, press every lever to get this done," said the Rev. Leah Daughtry, a veteran Democratic strategist who will attend the speech in Atlanta. "Because without us all being able to have our votes counted and our votes honored, then nothing else in our democracy matters. And what we saw on Jan. 6 of 2021 is just the tip of the iceberg."

Biden And Harris Issued A Dire Warning: Democracy Is In Danger And Political Violence Is A Threat One Year After The Jan. 6 AttackDaughtry, by contrast, said she thought Biden has been forceful already in pushing for the bills. "I want to see him continue to double down with his colleagues, his former colleagues in the Senate, to put the full resources of the administration to work in ensuring that we can pass voting rights legislation," she said. “The buck stops with the United States Senate, and they've got to do their jobs to preserve democracy,” Daughtry said. “It is not the president's job alone.”


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