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More than 1,000 Black women leaders call on Biden administration to step up efforts to free Brittney Griner

Seeking court that looks ‘like America,’ Biden picks Ketanji Brown JacksonAnd the pick resonated in the Black community off the Hill as well. The Rev. Leah Daughtry, who once led the Democratic National Committee, said she was “overwhelmed” that her 5-year-old niece might be able to see someone who looks like her dispensing justice on the highest court in the land. “I didn't grow up seeing that,” Daughtry said in an interview, her voice cracking with emotion. “Her dreams will automatically include the prospect of a justice because she's seen it. It's the norm for her. It's not any kind of joyous moment for her, because she'll grow up and think, ‘Oh, isn't it always like this?’ And that's wonderful.”

Dems to Biden: Move fast on SCOTUS; a tragedy could ensue“This is an example of something that is totally within the president’s control. Who gets nominated,” said Leah Daughtry, a longtime Democratic official and former CEO of two DNC conventions. “It's a political moment for the people in the base to say here's a man who kept his promise to us, and so we can count on him keeping his word for the rest of his promises.” Daughtry said she grew “a little emotional” watching Biden’s remarks on Thursday announcing Breyer’s retirement. “It's almost like a Barack Obama moment for me, as a Black woman, to contemplate that there will be a black woman on the court,” said Daughtry.

One year in, Biden’s presidency is on life supportFormer Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Leah Daughtry questioned whether Biden will "be a hero" or "just somebody else we've got to fight." "If the folks we have elected to office to carry the banner of the Democratic Party are unable to press the basic principles of the party, then I think they've got to reconsider what their role is," she suggested. "You've got a community of people, a nation of people, who are watching to see, particularly in these perilous times, who is fighting for us?"


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